Redo Ironing Board Cover

There are several tutorials for ironing board covers (depending on what you have and if you want to do as I did and just redo the one you have or not)  Tip Nut has several great tutorials but I decided to take the lazy way and remove the top fabric from my ironing board cover (seen below...isn't it lovely?!) and repurpose the "guts" of it.

First I pulled the fabric up the underneath foam and cut it off leaving the foam attached to the elastic band that holds it onto the ironing board. then I used the removed fabric as a template to cut the new more fabulous fabric leaving an extra inch all the way around.
Next starting from the side I folded the fabric under about 3/4 inch (the extra fabric I left when cutting out the new fabric and pinned like crazy all the way around. Top stitch the fabric down all the way around and replace onto your ironing board.

Lots of Pins

The white fabric and elastic remained attached to the foam underneath when I removed the old fabric.


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