Felt Blooms

I made these cute little felt flowers which can be used on a bag or as a hair barette. They even worked in my daughters hair (what little she does have) I just had her model it for me since as you can see from some of the pictures below it was kind of difficult to get a good picture of it in my hair.

To make:You will need scissors, felt, a hair barrette (you can use either an alligator clip covered in ribbon or a snap clip covered in felt)  cut out a small round circle (~1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter) Cut out about 6-7  five petal flowers. You can make them the same color felt or mix them up.
Cut out your pieces

Fold each flower into fourths

Snip the pointed end off

Hot Glue each flower onto the round circle (either start on one side and work your way across or start in the middle and go out in a spiral)
Hot glue or sew onto a clip


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