Mini polaroid magnets

I saw this amazing tutorial over at Ambrosia Girl on mini polaroid magnets, aren't they cute. This craft was fairly easy. The hard part for me was photoshopping all the photos and getting them the correct dimensions. I used Picnik which is free online and had a polaroid frame that I used as a border on my photos. Then I printed them out on photo quality paper.

I purchased sheets of magnets which had adhesive backs from Jo-anns.

After printing out the photos I used spray adhesive to glue the photo sheet onto a piece of cardstock (I used the back of an old notebook).
Cut out around each photo (you can use nice scissors or an exacto knife. Stick them down onto the magnet sheets and cut out. So you have individual polaroid pictures. I then colored the edge of the cardstock/magnet with white paint (I got a pen that is used in scrapbooking or to paint wood) but I am sure you could use white out if you wanted to.
After the paint dried I placed a piece of tape ontop of the photos to keep them nice especially with little hands thinking they are play toys to collect/hide.


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