Receiving Blanket Tutorial

When I was pregnant I had a severe nesting problem and with a fabulous fabric sale at Jo-anns I whipped up about a billion receiving blankets (I guess since I was due in October I assumed I would be changing blankets like you change diapers on a newborn) I definitely didn't use them all and made both boy and girl blankets knowing I could use the extras as baby shower gifts and for a second baby down the road. These blankets are super easy to make

You will need 1 yard of 2 different fabrics (can use the same fabric twice if you want)
a dinner plate, scissors and sewing machine

I used exactly one yard of fabric but you can make the blankets smaller if you want and you can skip the rounded edge step if you want and just make them square. Lay the 2 pieces of fabric down (I did this with right sides facing) and trace around a dinner plate edge to create the rounded corner (you can use an old CD or other object of the correct dimention) trim the corners. Pin the two pieces of fabric together and sew all the way around the blanket (leaving about a 3-4 inch opening to turn right side out. Iron flat and topstitch all the way around the blanket closing the opening.


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