Bridesmaids Dress to Evening Skirt

Several years ago I was in a friends wedding whose mom made each of the bridesmaids dresses. The outfits were a grey skirt (see the pic below) and a black velvet top. I love the fabric for the skirt but it was too long and had a train which really limited the use of the skirt after the wedding for me. So after staring at the skirt in my closet for several years (even moving it from house to house) I finally decided to break out the scissors and make it a bit more functional.

I thought right below/at the knee would be the perfect length. So I put the skirt on and pinned it at the knee.



After cutting (this is the back where the train came into the skirt)

I used a seam ripper and removed this piece of fabric after I had retried the skirt on and the small amount of bunched up fabric looked funny.

Pinned each side down and the hem and sewed away.

Ready for a night out on the town.


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