Diaper Changing Clutch

Sometimes you just want to go run a few errands and don't want to lug a huge diaper bag along with you, but if you are like me you worry about those what if moments that might pop up and you are left empty handed and full diapered.

 I saw some really cute diaper clutches for about $25 but thought I would make my own for the stroller. I found some tutorials that just used a placemat but I wanted to use some cute fabric I found. The button on the outside is just for decoration. I used velcro to close the clutch.
I covered a wipes container that holds about 40 wipes with some green polka dot fabric and trimmed the edge with an orange and white ribbon
I used these tutorials/templates here and here (I made my dimensions slightly larger to account for the slightly larger size of my wipes container)


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