Fourth of July-Flag Cake

For the Fourth of July my friends, husband and I went on a private yacht trip we won at an auction we attended in December and let me tell you, I was looking forward to that for the last 6 months! The trip started at 2pm and ended at 11pm after the fireworks were over. So I decided to make a cake to share after dinner.
Because it was going to be hot I didn't want my frosting to melt and slide off so I used fondant to cover the cream cheese frosting underneath it.
Kind of like this one  below (note: I did not make this cake)

But trying to reduce the number of steps and not mess up my entire kitchen I just made one cake batch (white cake) and split it into 1/3 (which I dyed blue) and 2/3 which I died red. You will need to pour your cake batter into cake pans as shown below (I used an emptied and cleaned (throughly) chicken can for the center cake)-make sure to spray both the outside and inside of the center cake pan with pam or easy off.

Once baked and cooled I torted the bottom (all red layer) into three even layers with a cake saw and put cream cheese frosting in between each layer (make sure it is generous because for me this was my white stripes).

I forgot to take pics of the top layer but you just remove the red can and tort the red cake into 2-3 layers (whatever you feel comfortable doing). Place the blue ring of cake on first *note-this ring may crack or break because of the lack of center support it is ok and will "heal" with frosting on the outside
Put frosting in between the small red layers and then stick the stack inside the blue outer-ring of cake.
(I did not tort the blue cake at all)
Frost the outside of the cake generously, refridgerate for an hour of 2 to harden the frosting and make it a more stable platform for the fondant to cover. Make sure to smooth the frosting with the hot knife technique (dip angled spatula into boiling hot water and smooth frosting, clean off knife and repeat as necessary) before putting the fondant on or you will see every little bump and wrinkle on the outside.

(My fondant looks shiny because I spritzed it with vodka to remove the corn startch from rolling it out after I placed it on the cake-vodka evaporates quicker than water and wont make your fondant as sticky)


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