Fruit Loop Cake

At least that is what I am calling this cake----Fruit Loop Cake. No it wasn't made with fruit loops but the taste sure does remind me of it. A few years back we went to a friends wedding cake and they had a really delicious cake that my husband swears tasted exactly like fruit loops and he wanted me to make it. I put it in the back of my mind but decided I would try to make it for a BBQ we went to over the weekend and decorate it with a cute mini bunting that everyone is doing now a days.

The bottom layer is lime (green), then lemon (yellow), orange (orange) and pink (cherry). My favorite layer was the cherry layer but all together in one bit the cake was pretty delicious. I just did a rough icing job to keep the cake fun and rustic.

To make this cake I had to make 2 separate batches of cake batter then split them into 2 and flavor and color each a different color because I only had 2 cake pans.


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