Hemming jeans-keeping the original hem (No Cutting)

Why is it that all of the jeans they sell now are soooooo long? I mean I am tall don't get me wrong
 (5ft 9.5inches) but even with 3 inch heels on I was still steeping on the hem. So I decided to hem them but wanted to keep that nice professional hemline that they come with so instead of hacking them off and resewing them I used a no-cutting technique that will let me take out the hem and redo it if they shrink or I grow a few more inches, who knows.

After washing and drying the jeans put on the offending jeans and fold them under to the length you want them (try them on with the shoes you will be wearing them with and pin them in the spot you like Front and back of at least one leg. (you will duplicate the measurements on the second leg so only one is necessary)

Once you pin the spot you want remove the jeans carefully so you don't poke your self and measure the distance of the new cuff (not including the original hem), then divide that number in 1/2. This number will new hem, repin both pant legs with this hem length (make sure you don't include the original hem in any of your measurements)
Sew as close as you can to the original hem with out sewing over it.
Turn hem under and iron flat


c_more said...

wow this is such a nice tip. thank you for sharing this : )

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