Leather can Cozy

I saw this cute Tutorial over at Tatertots and Jello and whipped up some can cozy's as a gift for a friends Birthday.

They used an old purse which I didn't have that was the right size to get me any kind of yardage so I found some cute crockodil style leather at Jo-Ann's and made some can cozy's out of them..
You will need 2.5x9" strips of leather for the "body"of the cozy and then 1" strips for the ruffle (the tutorial states 1x12" for the strips but I found they need to be much longer of you will be piecing the ruffles together on each one. )
A 2" piece of velcro (3/4" wide)

I first sewed on the velcro (for extra durability) instead of  the iron on kind.

Next I attached the ruffle. To do this fold the edge of the strip under start sewing. As you go fold/tuck the stip of 1 inch leather under you will only need to sew in the center of the 1" stip of leather not on both edges.

If  your stip is too short (which mine was) tuck the exposed end under and place the flat end of the new piece under the tuck (as shown below) and then continue to sew.

Fold the end under and back stitch to secure.

Happy Birthday (early) Barb.
* Note when I gave Barb her gift I was in a hurry and she didn't open it when I was there, her husband  thought they were bracelets.


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