Scrabble Tile Necklace

These scrabble tile necklace were so easy and cheap to make and it would be a fun gift for birthdays or a gift for bridesmaids.

To make you will need either wooden tiles or scrabble tiles from an old scrabble game. I tried to find an old scrabble game at goodwill or from a friend but no dice, so I found some little wooden letters at Michaels.

Modgepodge, exacto knife, scrapbook paper you like (*Smaller designs are easier or the necklace-remember your square is less than 1 inch), and Modge podge dimensional magic.

Cut the paper to the proper dimensions. Modge podge it onto the wooden square. I covered the side with the letter and it didn't show through but if it is an engraved tile you might want to use the smooth side. Let dry ~1 hour. It is important to modge podge ontop of the paper so the dimensional magic product don't smear/bleed the colors of the paper. Paint the sides of the tile if you want with a paint pen.  Lay the tile on a flat surface and apply the modge podge dimensional magic so it pools ontop of the tiles (make sure you don't shake the bottle or you will have bubbles) if you do get bubbles make sure to pop them with a pin or you will have them in your finished piece.
When you apply it it will look cloudy but will dry clear. Let dry overnight, ~24 hours.
Attach these little necklace bails to the back with superglue (I got mine on Etsy for a few dollars for 10). String onto a chain.


Scrabble said...

Great Job!!! Informative and attention keeping!

Word with Friends Cheat

Scrabble wordfinder said...

Nice stuff!
so now i can make some crafty scrabble for my hubby:)

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