Daddy's Caddy Sweatshirt

My husband LOVES to golf, he plays most weekends even when it is raining  I on the other hand don't love anything enough to be out in the rain for hours on end, but it keeps him active and he has fun. He is excited for when Karsyn is big enough to go out with him and hang out with him on the course, I think he has aspirations for the next big golfer. So I found this super cute sweatshirt on Etsy and thought I would try to make one for Karysn. I think it is adorable. It is too big for her now but when she is older it should fit perfectly.

All pieces were cut out of felt and I used the Iron-On Adhesive (Non-sewable) to adhere them to each other/the sweatshirt.
Because the pieces were felt I didn't use the silhouette machine to cut out the letters (that was done by hand) but if you use their flocked heat transfer material it will be just as good and you won't have to cut all of the letters out by hand.

If you decide to go the hard way and do it like I did then iron on the non sewable adhesive onto a piece of felt and draw the letters onto it (you will need to trace all the letters backwards on to the iron on adhesive paper or the letters will all be backwards when you go to iron them on.)

Happy Golfing everyone


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