Lollipop Cake and Cookies- Lollipop Party

My neighbors little girl just turned 2 and I made the cake and cookie favors for the party (which was lollipop themed if you couldn't guess) I was going to make sugar cookies and then decorate them with royal icing similar to these but then serendipitously stumbled on an adorable tutorial for lollipop cookies-NO icing required which was great because: 
1. less sugar for the little ones (especially since they had cake and lollipops at the party)
2. Less work/time consuming since I had a busy week

To make: 
Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe I used this one
Separate dough into three parts and dye each part the colors you want ( I did teal, pink and white) and yes I did dye the dough white. 
Take small amounts of each color dough and as shown in the tutorial make cylinders of them and roll the dough into a long snake (all three colors together) then at the end "twist" the dough by pushing one hand up and pulling one hand down to make the colors spiral around the snake of dough. then spiral the dough up into a circle. 
Important!!!-refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes after the are spiraled up BEFORE inserting the lollipop stick so the sticks don't warp the cookies 

Bake at 350F for 7-8 minutes Do not let brown. 

I also made a lollipop cake seen below

Birthday girl sampling the icing on the cake
cute pom poms for the party

Chickens at the party house


Sidra Amjed said...

wow !
What a great idea :)
these look gorgeous !

Liz H said...

Thanks so much

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