Quilted Fondant

A friend of mine was throwing her parents a 25th wedding anniversary and asked me to help her make the cake. I helped her with the structure, the frosting and the fondant. She added the beads and topper (which was on her parents original cake) after it we brought it over for the party.

She wanted to do a quilted pattern on the bottom and then I did some royal icing piping on two sides of the top tier (my husband didn't get a close up of that sorry).

To make the quilted pattern you need to fondant your cake and then using a ruler and the tool show below draw lines with the tool (I used the width of the ruler to separate the lines) carry this over onto the top with the same method, try to match up the lines on the side with the top if you can.
Jamee wanted to put little pearl sprinkles at the intersection of the quilt pattern and we
attached them with royal icing. To add a little bit of sparkle we sprayed the cake with an edible glitter spray.


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