Homemade Billy Button Flowers (craspedia)

When looking for ideas for my sisters shower I fell in love with these little yellow flowers that look like golf balls but didn't know what they were, after looking around for them  I discovered that they are called Craspedia or Billy Button flowers. They are so cute but when I called a florist to inquire about getting some for the shower the sticker shock just about knocked me over! Almost $2 per stem  with 1 flower on each stem ! So  I found this fabulous tutorial over at design sponge

I picked up some yellow Wool Roving (which is what they use to make yarn from Sheep) It  needs to be wool so that it will shrink when you shock it with hot and cold water. Following the tutorial roll the wool roving into ball, place a small amount of soap on your hands and dip in a bowl of scalding hot water ( you may want to wear gloves for washing dishes) then gently roll the wool into a ball (don't smash it). Immediately dip it into ice cold water and continue to roll the wool. You will have to repeat this a couple of times. This will also get the soap out. Place on a towel to dry for a few days and then glue a piece of green tape wrapped floral wire into the bottom. After the shower I placed them in a spare room in a recycled lemonade bottle on the side table.

Before I found the felting wool tutorial I attempted to make something out of regular yarn and made a pom  pom  that was adhered to green floral wire but they weren't exactly what I was looking for.


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