Peony Birthday Cake

For this cake I made it cherry flavored by making a basic white cake and substituting cherry flavoring for the vanilla and adding a drop of pink food coloring. Once baked I torted the cake and filled it with white chocolate ganache and frosted the outside with the ganache as well.  Then I covered it in a thin layer of homemade marshmellow fondant
I started experimenting with ganache to cover cakes instead of buttercream after falling in love with some of planet cake cakes they have the most perfect sharp edges and corners I have ever seen on a cake. Their secret is to use ganache (a mixture of chocolate (white or brown) instead of buttercream) and a carpenter square. If you want to get a book about cake decorating I highly recommend this one.

This was the cake covered in white chocolate ganache before I covered it with fondant. You could also color the white chocolate with this tutorial if you want as well.


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