Seafood Boil Cake w/ Peanut Butter Filled Crabs

Grey Chocolate ganache (looks pretty disgusting)

Each layer had a chocolate pudding and toffee mixture

Once the cake was completely frosted I used stamps to imprint the letters and used spray shimmer to cover all the gray parts so they looked like metal. 
The lid was a piece of cardboard covered in the ganache with a fondant handle "glued" with royal icing

Corn-rice krispie treat enter dipped in white chocolate then covered in marshmellow fondant. (Roll out into snake form, use the back of a knife and make marks every 1/4 inch (for the kernels) and snake back and forth the rice krispie center)

Handles are fondant with toothpicks to hold them into the cake. 

I used newspaper for the cake board and then covered the newspaper with syran wrap to make sure no oil/butter stained the paper. 
peanut butter cup crabs (see below)
Potatoes-rice krispie treats covered in white chocolate then covered in brown fondant. I used the fondant tool to make eyes and then the  black food color pens to color in the eyes

Mix 1:5 food coloring to flo-coat oil based candy color mixture. Add this to the white candy melts

Add a thin coat of chocolate to the candy molds

Add peanut butter then top with more chocolate

Use food color marker to color in the eyes


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