Soap Dispenser

Isn't my new dish soap dispenser cute!!! I was tired of having that bottle of Dawn soap out on the counter so I repourposed a hand soap dispenser that came with this little wire rack. I peeled off the label it came with (aided by WD40 to remove the old adhesive-I love that stuff) and then cut out a label with my Silhouette on frosted vinyl adhesive to the proper dimensions with the letters cut out.

Helpful Kitchen Tip Alert!!!
***Another useful tip for WD40 use besides oiling squeaky doors is that you can use it to clean and protect stainless steel appliances! Just apply to a paper towel and wipe with the grain of your appliance (like a fridge door or coffee pot) not only will it remove dirt and fingerprints but it helps to prevent fingerprints and dirt from sticking for a about a week after applied. If you have any stubborn dirt spots wash off with water or kitchen cleaner than apply the WD40. So much cheaper than all of those expensive stainless steel cleaners and doesn't leave streaks!


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