Door Wreath

I made a cute yarn wreath for the front door for Crystals Baby shower. I used the tutorial over at Blogher and made some cute little roses with the tutorial over at Purl Bee but the roses on Blogher are adorable too or here as well. Then I used the Silhouette to make the Welcome sign behind it with a  honeycomb shape, bee shape and after getting it the way I wanted it drew a circle around the whole thing for it to be cut out (only the circle was cut of course)-if you want a tutorial of how I made the sign itself just let me know. I figure since I only tacked the sign onto the back and the roses onto the front I could easily snip the flowers off and change them out. Otherwise I found a cute little idea here where you can use snaps to apply different accessories to the wreath and easily change them out that way.


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