Pin Cushion Jar

For my sewing basket I made a few different pin cushion jars (and a few for gifts)

I used 1/2 pint jars for this project but you can use any size jar you wish, I would recommend the wide mouth jars as they are easier to add/take out things as needed.

Using the inner piece of the lid as a template cut out a piece of scrapbook paper of your choice.

Next cut out a circle of the fabric of your choice about 1 1/2 inches larger than your lid.

Next layer the fabric, batting or filling you are using (you can use fiberfill, cotton balls, foam, batting for blankets, etc) and then place the combo inside the ring

If you have to much fabric you can trim it, but you want some left over to secure with a glue gun. Glue the fabric to the lid and then glue the piece of cardstock to that.

Immediately screw onto the jar so you can try to compress all the pieces together as the glue hardens and insure that the lid fits. (I had to redo one because I didn't do this step on the first one)

Here are some links to other sites that made some fabulous jar pincushions


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