Sewing Tote

I was inspired to make a sewing basket (actually I made two of them because I fell in love with the brown and blue fabric below which matches my craft room after I made the red one above). Following a tutorial I found (see below for more info on that) you will construct the outside portion including pockets first and then make the inside liner and then put the two together. Each basket is lined with heavy interfacing to keep the sides and bottom stiff.

I used the tutorial over at 2 little Hooligans for the first tote (the red one) but wanted one a little bit shorter and so I tweeked the dimensions for the second blue and brown bag. If you don't like this bag there are alot of  really cute tutorials out there including here  and here  or even  here

See the interfacing

Pin the binding to the outside of the whole shebang and sew 1/4 inch from the top of the basket.

Once you sew along the top, unpin the binding, fold it up and over the edge of the bag and then sew along the bottom edge of the binding to hold it in place. Attach the handles last (I sewed a box with an X pattern on each handle to guarantee security)

All of the goodies in my bag. I also made a pincushion jar which I will have a tutorial on soon.

Pretty flower, I used this tutorial to made one I pinned to the bag.

In my bag I have several items that I use while sewing and it is helpful to keep them in this bag so I can just grab the bag when I want to work on something in the living room or my bedroom and not have to gather everything up each time.

As you can see I have a lint roll brush (helpful for picking up stray threads and cleaning the sewing machine)
A couple of stacking screw containers that hold snaps, safety pins, black bead (for eyes), magnetic snaps, eyelets. 
A couple pairs of scissors, No fray liquid, black and white thread, the felt needle book holder, seam ripper, pens and pencils, a pattern transfer pencil, some clothespins to keep fabric and pattern pieces together, a stapler to staple fabric/pattern pieces (when I am too lazy to pin things). A disappearing ink marking pen which is great for marking on fabric-it washes off with just a spritz of water (that is why the spray bottle is included-as well as for spritzing items prior to ironing). Fabric tac glue, roll up tape measurer, boning tool to help make sharp corners and turning sewn pieces right side out. A bias making tool-Love this thing
A pincushion jar filled with pins (post too come soon) and a pair of tweezers. 


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