Wooden Cake Stands

I saw these cute wooden cake stands over at Bee in Our Bonnet  and had to have them for karsyn's birthday party. They were really easy and pretty inexpensive to create.

You will need:

  • paintable plywood with no marks/mars (I made a 9", 11" and 14" cake stands)
  • Doll house scalloped trim (found at Michaels)
  • Table legs (various sizes and shapes give different looks)
  • Small square blocks of wood (found at Michaels or Jo-anns)
  • White Paint-or color of your choice.
  • Screws
All of the pieces were cut out and then pre-painted. the trim was tacked on to the edge of the plywood with finish nails and then the nail holes and seams were filled with wood filler. Screw in the base to the table leg from the bottom and then I used a screw from the top of the cake stand down (since the screw would be covered with decorative paper (like the picture below) or a dish anyway and then the stands could be disassembled for easy storage! They can be used over and over again, painted in other colors with spray paint or covered in decorative paper!


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