This is Karsyn's Dollhouse.

This is her dollhouse on her new table! Isn't it cute?!
My dad built the dollhouse for Karsyn before he died and had started to build the furniture but didn't finish so John and I have been slowly putting the pieces together and gathering items to put in her dollhouse. Now she has discovered it and is so imaginative with it. I found a line of dolls (Calico Critters) that were really adorable and she choose the kitty family. She feeds them dinner and has them go swimming and puts them to bed and gives them kisses, adorable.

The "swimming pool" is actually part of the table base we cut off to make the table shorter for her.

This is what the table looked like when I purchased it on craigslist for a steal, it was a pottery barn table and it had great lines and I liked the pedestal style but it was destroyed, so I sanded it down with an orbital sander and repainted it white.


All pretty and white.
I was planning on putting the dollhouse on a lazy susan on the front third of the table,but once we got it on to the table I realized just how big it was I decided to paint a landscape mural on the top. I can always repaint it later white or another color.

The cobblestone path is grey sillouette vinyl cut out with a boulder pattern and let me tell you it probably would have been quicker and easier to just paint boulders onto it but I was about 80% done when I figured that out.
Small green vinyl "bushes"

Kitty Bathroom (toilet, bathtub and sink  painted with Martha Stewart Pearly white paint)-got it at Michael's
Living room-Karsyn picked out the fabric and I made the cushions for the couch and chair.
Can't see it but the front yard has fake (astroturf) grass and little bushes
Kitchen-not completed yet, but table and china hutch are done. Front door is open in the picture.
Living room


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