Goldfish costume

Karsyn's Halloween Costume was homemade this year, and she was the only Koi fish/goldfish on the block. I first saw this costume in a magazine (can't remember which one) and thought it was adorable as well as comfy and warm.

I found a men's large sweatshirt at TJ Maxx (for about $5) and washed it to try to shink it a bit. The arms were to long of course and the opening at the neck but the length was great.
And best of all Karsyn's favorite color (at the moment anyway) is orange --Go Beavs!!

I cut small slits where the drawstrings go through the hood and repositioned where the strings came out so they would be closer to her chin/neck and pulled the strings out of their current grommets and through the new holes I made. I also had to shorten the arms, I tried shortening them from the cuffs or from the shoulder and found doing it from the cuffs was better. I essentially just tucked the sleeve up and tacked the cuff back down to where I wanted it to be (so their was a bunch of sweatshirt tucked inside the sleeve) then once it was sewn down I trimmed the excess fabric off.
For the eyes I used a ping pong ball cut in half and drew the eyes on with a sharpie (covered over the brand writing on the ball) and hot glued them onto the sides of the hood. There is a LOT of hot glue used in this project.

Using orange cupcake wrappers-cut them in half and then hot glue them down starting from the bottom to the top so they overlap like fish scales. I did both the front and back with the wrappers. Pair with orange tights and shoes if you have them. I also added a bow to the hood just for a girly touch


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