Once a Month Meal Prep

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

I am sure everyone will think I am completely crazy when they see this post, but let me tell you-
1) This didn't take as long as you might think
2) It didn't cost very much because I had a lot of ingredients already
3) This will save a ton of time in the what are we going to have for dinner relm
4) will help on those evenings when I work late (ie until 10pm) which is 2-3 days per week and only get to come home from 5-6pm for dinner.

I tried 2 different websites for my monthly meal prep- Hotby6 which has a monthly membership of $6 but is well worth it, for that price you get to customizing your meal plan, number of meals, etc, they give you printable labels, recipes, and grocery list check sheet, they also have groups set up if you want to join other people and have a party doing it. Their meals are all prep work, mostly stored in freezer bags (so stock up  on gallon and quart sizes) with little to no cooking!

The other site I tried was Once a Month Mom  they have free monthly meal plans (different ones each month)  you can choose from diet, vegetarian, regular, gluten free, baby foods, whole foods etc but otherwise you can't really customize the menu. You can adjust the number of people each recipe serves which is nice. This meal prep website gives you labels, grocery list, prep guide and step by step instructions for creating your meals but you get each meal twice (less variety) and you get a lot of breakfasts which is nice for some but I didn't need it, also you have to cook.....a lot and I liked the idea of chopping and bagging stuff for cooking later in a crock pot of on the stove/grill.
A few notes about all of this
1) I was so excited to do this I went a bit overboard and made 2+ months worth of meals, most websites suggest trying to do 5 meals to start and building from there but when I got started I was glad I did more than 5, if you can make 5 meals you can do 28, my problem was I figured if I could do 28 why not do more!?
2) Organize your space first and take stock of what you do have
3) get some good organizing bins for your freezer like these from the container store

Anyone else try once a month meal prep? How did it go? Any tips/tricks? What websites do you like?


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