Pullstring Pinata

Back in October for Karsyn's birthday party, I made a pullstring pinata for the kids as an activity. I first saw this fabulous tutorial over at Young House Love on how to make a pullstring pinata which is great for little kids that can't control a bat let alone swing it and not hit everything/everyone in sight. And this tutorial on making crape paper roses over at House of Smith

Mixed together, flour, water and salt to make a paste.

USed a punch ball from the dollar store

Hung from shower rod to dry (any drips landed in the shower!)

Cut an opening in the bottom with an exacto knife and punched holes along the edges

Created tabs out of cardboard so the goodies wouldn't fall out

and tied all of the ribbons on to it for the kids to pull on.

Filled it with yummy snacks (Annie's bunnies, all fruit roll-ups, nutrigrain bars, fruit snacks etc

some kids pulling on the strings.


beautyfashionhair said...

I love the big bounce house where did you get it?

Liz H said...

we borrowed it from a friend and neighbor who had one for their kids, I think they said they bought it at Costco for about $150 or $200

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