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A few years ago my friend told me about when she was born her dad (who is in the wine industry) purchased 3 very nice bottles of wine and saved them to drink when she
1) Graduated from High School
2) Graduated from College
3) Got Married

I thought it was such a cute idea I decided to "steal it" for Karsyn, but we will probably drink them when she
1) Graduates College
2) Gets married
3) has a baby

I asked her dad what wine he thought would be the best to store for such a long time and still taste delicious if not better and he said:
Diamond Creek Cabernet

But my friend also warned me that when her bottles were stored someone accidentally drank one not knowing how expensive/important the bottles were, so to deter that situation I cut out the wine tags below with my silhouette machine. They just slip on over the bottle neck. Dimensions are 4"x2.5" with the hole being about 1.25" in diameter. With the words "Special Bottle Do NOT Drink" 


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