Wine Barrel Candle Holder

Living in Wine country sure does have its perks sometimes, besides the great views and amazing wines, sometimes you get lucky and a winery is getting rid of a barrel.  We made two versions, the one above and a single wine stave version.

Mr. & Mrs. Pillows

Aren't these pillows funny! I made them for my sister and her husband to put on their bed. He has sported a beard for as long as I have known him and I saw these pillows and immediately thought of them.

Bouncy Pony-Upcycle

For Christmas my inlaws gave my daughter a bouncy horse, problem was it didn't look like this when I got it.......

Felt mistletoe

Pistachio Tree Cookies

A Christmas goodie, I love making these and they are so pretty to give as gifts wrapped in cellophane and a pretty brown bow. 

Peppermint Cupcakes

I had a work potluck a few days ago and of course brought dessert. To me it is what everyone looks forward to and it is the prettiest thing on the table usually. 
I made Peppermint buttercream chocolate cupcakes, Karsyn helped bake them (picked out the flavor, added the ingredients to the bowl I measured out and stirred the ingredients together once I made sure they were all wet so no powder would fly, she also put the cupcake liners in the baking tins and added the sprinkles to the top) my workforce is well on its way to being fully trained, LOL. 

Quiet Book-Tool Box

I have been making a couple of quiet books slowing since before my daughter was born after I saw one my friend Brie was making for her nephew, I love all of the different pages you can make. There are a ton of ideas out there including patterns you can purchase.

Cocktail Napkins

Since it is the holiday season and cocktail parties abound I decided to make some cloth cocktail napkins, all are ~4" square made out of white cotton material. To make I

Woodland Mobile

I made this mobile for my sisters baby wren and never posted it. This mobile was made with a small 2" piece of wood with wooden stars glued on two sides and then my husband drilled holes for 1/2" dowels to slide through. I sanded all of the edges and left the wood natural.

Camera Case/Coupon Caddy

I used the tutorial over at A Lemon Squeeze Home to make this cute little camera case, she used it as a rewards card holder, but it could also be used to hold coupons or as a cute little wallet for a night out. The magnetic clasp makes sure the flap stays closed.


 We just got back from a much needed week long vacation in Maui. Being from Oregon the winters can become long and tedious with lots of grey skies so it was nice to get away to a warm sunny place.

Quiet Book Cover

I followed the tutorial over at Serving Pink Lemonade which has great quiet book pages and a tutorial on making the cover  although I did alter the cover instructions by using fabric instead of flannel, added a thin layer of batting inbetween the inside and outside of the cover.

Beach Tote Bags

There are some great tutorials out there, I used this tutorial and adjusted a few things on it but Tip Nut has some great beach tote turorials including one for a totable towel which I may break down and make as well. 

Wet Bags

Wet bags could be one of the best inventions ever, especially for anyone who has kids. They hold wet cloth diapers, wet swim suits, soiled clothes etc and don't let any of the "liquid" seap out to other items in a diaper bag or car etc., but boy can they get pricey! I purchase one when my daughter was born for ~$20 and it was a medium one!

Shoe Bags

I whipped up these shoe bags for our upcoming trip to Hawaii so our shoes won't get our clothes dirty. My goal on this trip is to only take a carry on....Fingers crossed. I found this great website called ONE BAG and I love everything about it. We don't travel alot, but I would like to travel more, do it more efficiently and with as minimal amount of stress as possible.

Family Binder-Organizing My Life

I was inspired by a couple of great blogs recently to revamp my life and organize and purge unwanted/unneeded items from my house. I fell in love with a new blog -- I heart organizing  and money saving mom  they both have great ideas to save you time, money and organize your life. I decided to take a que from the blogs and started a family binder with all of the essential information to try to streamline things I do and keep them on paper.

No Wrinkle Beach Cover UP

Back in October we took a family trip to LA to go to Disneyland and and visit some friends and relatives. One of my best friends is ubber crafty too and took me to the mecca of the LA Fabric Market and we had a ton of fun looking for cheap fabric. I did have to limit myself since I either had to ship it back (which adds to the expense of extra cheap fabric) or lug it back on the plane.

I Left my Heart in.......


Camera Straps-w/ Lens Cap Holder

I have made several camera straps recently, including this one here , but I really love this new one I just finished which includes a small pocket to hold that darn camera lense.
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