Bouncy Pony-Upcycle

For Christmas my inlaws gave my daughter a bouncy horse, problem was it didn't look like this when I got it.......

It looked more like this one! It was functional for sure but had seen better days, the base was weathered and cracked, the paint was rubbed off from being ridden by someone  (I am not certain but it may have been my husbands when he was little) . Similar ones that are new or redone can sell for $125-$150 so if I bought some spray paint and it worked great, if not I would only be out the cost of the paint.

I saw this image online of a similar horse and figured I would try to make it a carousel pony since my daughter loves riding carousels too. After throughly cleaning and drying the horse.  I used Krylon Fusion for plastic spray paint and lots of it. First I took off the bases and layed the horse flat, I sprayed everything white (3 thin coats) letting it dry inbetween coats, then I gently taped off portions and draped the horse with cloths and did the supports/spring covers. I sprayed the base separately with lavendar. I also gently taped off the mane and sprayed it the same River rock color as the supports. I bought "Spray paint in a jar" an epoxy type paint that is right next to the spray paint in a royal blue and violet color and hand painted the reins and saddle. I used black for the eye and after everything dried I draped the supports with drop cloth and sprayed everything with a glitter spray paint to give it that carousel feel.

Hard to see the glitter I know.
I am still debating if I want to paint the hooves or not.
Ride em' cowgirl!


Brie said...

Absolutely awesome..sounds like a labor of love long did the process take?

Elizabeth Hefley said...

I would say a total of 5 hours of hands on time but it was over the course of 3 days between everything drying and coats of paint. I am still amazed at the transformation!

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