Camera Straps-w/ Lens Cap Holder

I have made several camera straps recently, including this one here , but I really love this new one I just finished which includes a small pocket to hold that darn camera lense.
I made the strap extra long because I love the look of the scrunched up (almost ruffle looking) strap. The lens pocket is lined with the same fabric that lines the small camera clutch I posted about yesterday.

Follow the tutorial I had over on the first camera strap cover but I made my strap about 36" long instead of 24". Make sure you attach the snap prior to sewing on the pocket it makes appliation so much easier and then you can snap it on and it can act as a sort of "Pin" of the top half of the pocket so it stays in the right place.
If you need more advice on this camera strap let me know.


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