Cocktail Napkins

Since it is the holiday season and cocktail parties abound I decided to make some cloth cocktail napkins, all are ~4" square made out of white cotton material. To make I

Cut out 4.5" square pieces of fabric (2 for each napkin) folded the edges under 1/4" all the way around and ironed flat, I then ironed on a letter of my choice. To do this you can either buy transfer letters or print off letters of your choice -from word etc, and then using a transfer pencil draw on the back side of the paper over the letter (you can use a light box or hold your paper against a window). By "tracing the letter" on the wrong side of the paper it will show up facing the right direction once ironed onto the fabric.
I then hand embroidered the letters,or in the case below the flowers.
Stack two pieces of cotton fabric together (I did embroidered on one side, plain on the other) and sew around the four sides. I did it this way because I wanted very sharp square corners.


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