Felt mistletoe

I think Mistletoe is such a cute idea for Christmas but didn't get any of the real thing this year since it is poisonous and all.  I decided to make an everlasting one out of a styrofoam ball and some felt. I followed the tutorial over at Stay-At-Home-Artist altering it by using straight pins with white pearl ends instead of gluing on pearl beads. I just pressed the pins into the 2" styrofoam ball in a pattern I liked.
Following the tutorial I cut out 2 circles of felt and glued them on the top and bottom of the styrofoam ball (sorry no pics) then cut out tear drop shapes (free hand) about the size of a nickel and dime (varying sizes) and glued them on starting from the bottom with fabritac. then pushed the white pins in randomly and pinned a ribbon tied in a look and another piece of ribbon I wrote on with black sharpie to the top. Tack to the ceiling of a door way.   Kiss away!

I also found this cute mistletoe kissing ball tutorial that I might try to make for next Christmas

or there is this one I found too.


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