No Wrinkle Beach Cover UP

Back in October we took a family trip to LA to go to Disneyland and and visit some friends and relatives. One of my best friends is ubber crafty too and took me to the mecca of the LA Fabric Market and we had a ton of fun looking for cheap fabric. I did have to limit myself since I either had to ship it back (which adds to the expense of extra cheap fabric) or lug it back on the plane.

One of the fab finds was this super cute, stretchy, no wrinkle fabric I found in a fabric by the weight place. The place was kind of crazy, but had super good deals. I bought 2 yards and with it I made this beach cover up for our up coming trip to Maui (yeah for warm weather!!). Mind you this is my first attempt at shirring but except for the wonky lines due to the slipperiness of the fabric I think it came out pretty cute inspite of the thrown together NO pattern.

The top got that ruffled look by accident when I added some elastic to the top (sewed it on about 2 inches down) and when I let go of the fabric it made this cute ripple. I also added a piece of elastic at the bottom of the shirring (right below the bust line) so it would be cinched in (otherwise it made me look pregnant)

I created the rose by cutting a 4 inch piece of fabric, heming down the long edges and then shirring "along" the lines to give it that rippled look and then I rolled it up into a spiral shape and hand sewed through all of the layers on the back side.

Not perfect, but pretty good for my first attempt especially when you consider the fabric I was working with.

Excited to use it as a swimsuit cover up in warm weather and not in my bedroom.


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