Quiet Book Cover

I followed the tutorial over at Serving Pink Lemonade which has great quiet book pages and a tutorial on making the cover  although I did alter the cover instructions by using fabric instead of flannel, added a thin layer of batting inbetween the inside and outside of the cover.
When you make a quiet book you want to think about using various textures, and engaging a multitude of fine and gross motor skills, example-tieing a shoe, snaping a snap, buttoning a button, lacing a football. And different elements of learning- ABC's, number, shapes, time, counting.You also want it to be fun, engaging and colorful and you want to think about pieces that could be lost or swallowed and make sure you monitor kids that don't know that they shouldn't put pieces into their mouths!

I also used 1-1/2" Binder rings instead of ribbon to hold the pages in the book which will allow me to add and remove pages in the future. I also placed grommetts on each hole of the pages so the kids can't tear the pages out of the book.

Bottom holes for the binder rings

A finished page with the grommetts and binder rings.

All pages were made with non-pilling felt and cut into 8-1/2" x 7" sizes. The cover was 2 pieces of 17"x10" pieces of cotton fabric (the outside was more of a tapestry fabric) with a piece of batting in between.

Back pocket for holding pieces

I added a 1-1/2" piece of heavy duty pellon to the spine of the book to give it some rigidity and be more book like.

Sewn on button (iron on velcro behind for closure)
I used a water soluble disappearing ink sewing pen to mark the holes on the pages prior to poking a hole with my scissors and attaching grommetts to each page.

All lined up and ready to be punched
I will be posting lots of quiet book page ideas over the next few weeks so stay tuned!


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