Quiet Book-Tool Box

I have been making a couple of quiet books slowing since before my daughter was born after I saw one my friend Brie was making for her nephew, I love all of the different pages you can make. There are a ton of ideas out there including patterns you can purchase.
For this page I modified a play felt tool box I saw over at Serving Pink Lemonade and attached it to a quiet book page. I also used her felt tools pattern and made a screw, nail, bolt, crescent wrench, saw, hammer and red handled screwdriver (that one is for my husband-when he was a little kids his favorite toy was a red screwdriver, he would go around the house and "fix" his mothers cabinets and furniture all day long)

I made the tools on stiff felt and doubled them up by using iron on adhesive and ironing 2 pieces of felt together prior to cutting out the shapes.

I sewed the ridges onto the screwdriver handle

Don't go anywhere there will be many more quiet book pages to come!


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