Wine Barrel Candle Holder

Living in Wine country sure does have its perks sometimes, besides the great views and amazing wines, sometimes you get lucky and a winery is getting rid of a barrel.  We made two versions, the one above and a single wine stave version.
My husband and I snagged a great barrel that had one broken stave so it obviously couldn't be used to hold wine but we made several candle holders from it as well as a few other projects that will be comeing soon.

Looking on line these simple candle holders can go for as much as $60!! Ours cost about $4 if you count the drill bit to cut holes for the candles and the candles themselves.
I got the candles at IKEA (they are about 2.5" in diameter). My husband used a 2.5" hole saw bit attached to his drill and evenly spaced the holes on the wine staves.

Then I sanded them with an orbital sander (gently so they would still keep that nice wine barrel finish) and then used a clear polyurathane on them to give them a nice shine.

Here are some photos from the last time I got to go wine tasting, a few months back



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