Woodland Mobile

I made this mobile for my sisters baby wren and never posted it. This mobile was made with a small 2" piece of wood with wooden stars glued on two sides and then my husband drilled holes for 1/2" dowels to slide through. I sanded all of the edges and left the wood natural.

I used fishing line to attach each of the animals. One to the end of each dowel (there was a small hole drilled there) and one attached to the center of the mobile with a small metal loop screw.

Felt mushroom

This Mobile has a beaver, bunny, skunk, bird and mushroom.

I made a second mobile with a squirrel, owl, raccoon, cloud and deer

Small black bead for an eye, brown bead for the top of the acorn.

Love the Beaver-(OSU fan/alumni)

Bunny with small puff ball tail

For the top I used a fishing swivel and a loop hook and tied more fishing line to the top of that so the mobile will spin freely and not tangle.


Sidra Amjed said...

aww.. this is adorable !!

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