Print and Cut Heat Transfer Onsie and Bib

 I played around some more with my Silhouette machine and used the print and cut heat transfer paper. It was a bit tricky at first but so cute when I finally got it down. I would definitely suggest trying it on plain paper first. I selected my design then filled them with the colors I liked and used the ofset tool to create a border around my design that would be clear.

Ways to re-use Wine Corks

I have a wine problem.....its actually a wine cork problem I love them, I have saved them for about 8 years and even take the cork when I haven't had any of the wine myself sometimes. I think they are so pretty and rustic so I have made several trivets (hot-plates) and used them in apothecary jars with candles or around the base of candles in wide decorative bowls.

Ambigram sweatshirt

Here is my latest creation with the Silhouette Cutter. Pretty excited about this one!
It is still to big for Karsyn but better too big than too small.

Felt PB and J

2 pieces of tan felt for the Peanut Butter, 2 pieces of Purple for Grape Jelly (just cut fun shapes about the size of the bread) The bread I drew the shape of a piece of wonder bread (you could even trace a slice of bread if you wanted). I found a great felt color that looked just like wheat bread.

Welcome Harry

My fellow pharmacist co-worker friend just had a baby so I made him a baby gown similar to the one seen here and a baby hat I made from a pattern here . After I sewed both I cut out his name with my silhouette machine on fuzzy heat transfer material and ironed it onto the hat. Super cute and simple.

Felt Sugar Cookies

Another super easy felt food item...SUGAR COOKIES!
(Sorry for the horrible picture)
They are just 2 pieces of tan felt (these I sewed on the machine and turned so they seam was on the inside), a small amount of stuffing and I added pink "frosting" and "sprinkles". Make sure you sew the beads on really well so little mouths don't swallow them.

Tea Anyone?? Felt Tea Bag

Similar to the ravioli, I cut 2 pieces of cream felt, Sew closed (small amount of fiberfill inside). Cut 2 pieces of white felt into a tag shape.

Felt Ravioli

These ravioli's were super easy to make, I cut squares of cream felt with Pinking shears (about  2-3 in square) then sew with the sewing machine around 3 sides, fill with filberfill and then sew the last side closed.

Felt pancakes

To make the pancakes you will need:
  • 2 tan circles (I used the top of a coffee cup)
  • 2 cream circles (slightly larger than the tan circles)
  • brown felt cut into a random "syrup" shape you like
  • 1 yellow square felt piece the size of a dollop of butter.
  • brown, tan and yellow embroidery floss

Felt Food 1

Look at those teeth!

White Chocolate Cupcakes w/ White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

Valentine's Day Decor

I made more glitter letters like I did for the Christmas "Joy" frames, I reused the frames, grabbed 4 new letters and glittered them and cut 2 pieces of scrapbook paper into 5x7 sheets for the frames the whole project was ~$7. I had the wreath in storage from when I got married a few years ago.

Baby Shower Cupcakes for Betse

Football Cake

Here is a cake I made for the big National College Football Game, the laces etc. were made out of fondant. Eventhough I am a Beaver Fan I rooted for Oregon to win, rivalry or not they are still the home team in the game. To bad they lost.

Diaper changing pad cover

I saw a tutorial for a contour changing pad cover and since I felt the sheets were pretty straight forward I thought I would give this changing pad cover a shot as well since they are pretty pricy and not always exactly the color or pattern you want. I chose a nice soft fannel material and got 1 yard of 45"wide fabric and 4 8"pieces of 3/8" elastic (* I used the left over from the sheets*)

Snuggly Owl Pillow

I saw this tutorial over at Make it and Love it  and knew I had to make one for Karsyn. I just used scraps from previous projects so the cost was $0 out of pocket. I love being thrifty when I can.

Rose and Begonia Cupcakes

King of the Jungle Baby Shower Cake

Its been a slow craft week for me so here is a baby shower cake I made over the summer for a friend. She was doing the king of the jungle theme so I attempted to make a 3-D lion. The head and legs were made out of rice krispie treats and the eyes are white gumballs painted with black food coloring. I painted edible glitter on the crown for sparkle.
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