Flower Pin Cushion

If you want a new pincushion and want to make your own head on over to TipNut they have a post for 30+ free pincushion patterns. I have had my old pincushion for about 15 years and it was one of the basic tomato ones you buy in the store. Believe me I have gotten my money's worth out of it and then some! So I decided to make a new one.


I am loving this feature they have for blogger!  Go and check out my blog at http://acraftyb.blogspot.com/view/flipbook  It puts all of your blog post into thumbnail views of each project in a tile format.

Shark Sweatshirt

I whipped up this super cute sweatshirt for my daughter that looks like a shark, but it must be SUPER SCARY or she just hated it because she cried and tried to rip it off and I tried a couple of different times over a week thinking she was tired or grumpy but each time was the same reaction. This was the best picture I could get before she pulled the hood off and tried to get the whole sweatshirt off. So I guess it will be a good gift for someone. Next time I will try to not make it so Scary

Sewing Machine Pin Holder

I made this super handy pin holder for my sewing machine. As I sew I can just pull pins out and stick them in this pin holder. It is also tight enough to hold my sissors and seam ripper as well. To make take a fabric measuring tape and measure all the way around the machine at the thickest part and meausure the height you want.

modeling chocolate flowers

My most recent cake decorating class was an introduction to modeling chocolate (or plastic chocolate, chocolate clay, etc) it is a pretty fun medium to work with and tastes good compared to gum paste but is very heat sensitive and doesn't dry as stiff as gum paste so if you need to use it in the dead to summer forget about it!

Cupcake Tutorial Session

A friend of mine needed help with a cupcake project he was doing for a birthday party making fondant H's. He said he had tried several times and couldn't get them to come out right so I came over with a large square cookie cutter and a small rectangle cookie cutter and showed him an easy way to make H's.

Baby Shower Gift

Congratulations Jane and Jake on your soon to be little bundle! I made the hat like the post here  and I cut the little elephant, flower and crown out on the silhouette machine. I put fabric on the back side of the elephants ear so it would be loose. I used the embroidery setting on my sewing machine to stitch the name on the bib.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Rich dark chocolate Cupcakes w/ chocolate chips and Chocolate Fudge Buttercream

Gum Paste Flowers

Craft Link parties
Todays Creative Blog

Camera Strap Cover

Nursing Cover

I found a great tutorial over at Prudent Baby for a nursing cover, and although I am not breastfeeding currently this cute little number would make any mommy to be excited to breastfeed. Unlike the tutorial I made my reversible and put a sunny yellow fabric on the inside.

Magnet Games

My daughter is constantly upset in the car because she does not like to sit still for more than 2 minutes at a time. Knowing that my house seems to be exactly 30 minutes from anywhere I want to go I came up with these super cute magnetic games for her to use in the car.

John's SailBoat Birthday Cake

Here is the cake I made for my husbands birthday on Monday. Lemon with Lemon Curd Filling. The sail is actually paper (I used an image from the Silhouette machine-worked great because the holes weren't too big). I think it turned out pretty cute especially since there was a minor catastorphe and his poker friends dropped a cutting board on the backside that I had to "repair", at least it was on the back right and the boat covered any problems.

Cookie Pop Class

I took a royal icing cookie decorating class a while ago (they also showed how to make cookie bouquets). Here is a pic of one of the cookies I made. My daughter really liked it so I guess I passed

Royal Icing Flowers

Took another flower class for cake decorating last Saturday, this one was on Royal Icing flowers, we concentrated a lot on using the lilly flower nail set which I had never used before so that was cool to try.

Pillowcase Dress (or Fat Quarter Dress)

I am trying to encourage spring to show up ASAP so I decided to make a cute little dress for K. I used this tutorial and really liked it because it has the adjustability under the arms and not around the neck which can potentially pose a choking hazard (I am sure it is unlikely though) I added Rickrak to the bottom and we are all ready for spring whenever it decides to stop raining around here anyways.  

Irish Car BomB Cupcakes

I decided since it is almost St. Patrick's Day and my husband was having a poker party with his co-workers I would attemptto make cupcakes with beer and liquor, what guy wouldn't love that especially combined in a dessert. They also had a chocolate whip cream center.

Lemon Flower Cupcakes

Felt Avacado

Felt Avacado with Pit, Back felt is dark green, center is light leaf green.

Chandelier Shirt

Shamrock Surprise Cupcakes

I found this great tutorial over at Kelli's cakes how to make cupcakes with a shamrock in the center when you cut them open! SOOOO Cute, so I thought I would give it a shot too. I didn't have a shamrock cookie cutter so I just used a flower cookie cutter. I made 1 batch of batter and dyed 1/2 green and 1/2 purple (I thought I would make some in a week or 2 with flower center for spring-I wrapped this one in syran wrap and tin foil and froze it).

Felt bacon and eggs

What kitchen is complete with out some felt bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Castle Cake

Here is the castle Cake I made for a friend. The cake was vanilla with cookie dough filling and french buttercream frosting. I found a castle cake tutorial over here and made the towers out of paper towel rolls and wrapping paper tubes. Then I "glued" cake cones inside them, covered them with fondant and covered sugar cones with pink fondants and pink sanding sugar crystals.

Buttercream Flower Class

I took my first in a series of flower classes today, buttercream flowers. I had a rough start because my frosting wasn't stiff enough and the flowers kept "oozing" together but once I fixed my frosting they started to come out much better.

Busy Bee

Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days, I have been one busy bee. I have just finished a castle cake for a friend, I have been working on taxes, tagging and organizing baby clothes for a consignment sale as well as working on some crafts, working and taking care of my house. I will have some time tomorrow to hopefully post some new things I have been working on.

I am also signed up to take a series of flower making classes at the local baking shop (The Decorette) I have been eyeing for a while. The first class is this Saturday 4 hours covering buttercream flowers. The other classes cover Royal Icing Flowers, Gum Paste Flowers, Modeling Chocolate Flowers and Fondant/Gum Paste Orchids. I will post pictures of what I learn as I take the classes.

Knit Baby Beanies

Since getting my silhouette machine I have been hunting and searching high and low for things to adorn with my own creations. Unfortunately most items at retail stores like Target, Carters, and Old Navy have already been decorated by the manufacturer (especially for babies).
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