I love checking out New Dress A Days Blog and her creations always inspire me to go through my stuff and modernize it. In honor of the royal wedding and more importantly the Kentucky Derby next Saturday I decided to make my beach hat into something more fabulous.

Felt Hamburger and Fries

I made some fries and a hamburger a while back for Karsyn's kitchen and forgot to blog about them. So here you go. Crinkle Cut fries and a hamburger with all the fixin's.

Chicken Artichoke Spinach Lasagna

My friend Addie had an amazing chicken artichoke lasagna that she made for me a long time ago I never got the official recipe (***Update=she gave me the recipe and the official one is at the bottom of this blog) but I watched her make it and kind of know the ingredients.The recipe easily make a 9x13" pan and is super easy to make thanks to my new best friend......

5th Cake Class-Figure Piping

During our fifth cake decorating class we focused on figure making. Some like the ducks, grapes and swan were cute and I could see myself using them in the future. Some of the others.....well, not so much but the point was to get the experience piping and trying new techniques right?!?

Silk Dyed Eggs

I saw a tutorial for silk dyed eggs over at Our Best Bites, I had never heard of such a thing and I was amazed at how the image could be transferred so clearly and so easily so I went to the goodwill and found some ties with some really nice patterns. Some are pretty ugly to wear but make really nice eggs.  

bunny cupcakes

I started following Sweet Sugar Belle's Blog a while back and saw these adorable bunny cupcakes I didn't have the time to make the cookies for the toppers so these are just fondant that I cut out with the bunny cookie cutter. Eyes are black pearl candies and the noses are pink fondant rolled into balls.

Organizing Fabric 101

I saw this tutorial on making your own small fabric bolts over at The Little Green Bean but hadn't fully committed to doing it until I saw my friend Brie over at Two of a Kind working on a full house do her own fabric. I found the foam core at the dollar store and my husband (the awesome guy he is) cut it for me on my quilting board with my fabric wheel and quilt ruler. After folding and wrapping the fabric onto the foam core I used a straight pin to keep it from unrolling.

4th Cake Class

I didn't blog about my 3rd cake class because we focused on buttercream flowers, which I did recently in a flower making series (see the previous post here) and I had a super headache that night and nothing I made was awesome so I just scrapped all of the flowers I made and came home about an hour early. I was glad I took the flower class before so I didn't miss anything. 
During the 4th class we made a doll cake.

Daffodil Oreo Cake Pops

I made these cute cake pops for a friend at work. I used yellow candy melts placed them in the small cupcake cups and then cut out daffodil shapes on my sillhouette. I bent and folded the flowers to make a ridged effect on the petals too

Purse into Camera Bag

Since I got a new camera I figure I need a stylish new bag to carry it in, I love JoTotes and a lot of people seem to have them but didn't want to spend $150 on a new bag after just shelling out the money for the camera and I came across this Tutorial over at Tater Tots and Jello and I found a bag I loved at Target for $20!  

How to Re-stickify your Silhouette Mats

I was doing some web surfing and came across an article on how to re-use your silhouette and cricut mats by removing the old adhesive and gunky build up and then respraying with a repositionable adhesive (such as Crafter's Companion). At ~$8 for a 10 ounce bottle I am sure you could get some real miles out of those mats.

Easter Baskets

Here is Karsyn's Easter Basket I made her. I bought the white wicker basket and made a liner for it there are several great tutorials out there on how to make basket liners Tip Nut gathered several of them. These basket liners I kind of just went with the flow and made my own pattern as I went. I really wanted a scalloped edge and sewing that was a bit tricky. The purple liner above has a layer of batting in it to make it plush and I embroidered her name before I sewed the liner so I could line everything up with the embroidery before cutting to make sure it was completely centered.

Bib Clips

Check out my craft on Today's Creative Blog

Poppy Pops (Oreo Cake Pops)

I made these adorable poppy pops for my friend Krista's birthday party. I was originally going to take only these to the party but the guest list exploded because she is one love lady so I decided to add the cake seen here.  These are oreo cake pops (recipe below) dipped in chocolate and then I put a cut out poppy (from my silhouette machine) underneath the poppy which served the dual function of being pretty but also catching any crumbs that may fall off the cake pop when being eaten.

Cake Decorating Class 2


I was nominated for The Versitile Blogger Award by Stephanie over at Sweet Creations, I am so excited it is my first award in the blogging world! It is really nice to be recognized for doing something I love as a hobby.

Make sure you check out Stephanie's sight. I love her blog and all of her tutorials. Her cupcakes/fondant work are what I aspire to create.

Here's how it works:

-Thank the person who gave you this award by linking back to their site in your original
-         Tell us 7 things about yourself
-         Pass this award on to 6 bloggers
-         Contact the bloggers & let them know they got this award!!

7 Random facts about ME:

1. I have my doctoral degree in Pharmacy and went to college for 8 years, but I have always dreamed about owning a wedding planning/party planning company

2. I can't sit still. People always ask me how I do so much but I rarely can sit without doing something else at the same time. 

3. I love baths so much more than showers. 

4. I love to travel and wanted to make sure my husband and I went to Australia and Europe before we had kids. 

5. I am taking a cake decorating class so I can avoid some of the many "Caketastrophies" I have had in the past.

6.  My favorite color is Tiffany Blue and I painted my craft room a lighter shade of it.

7. I just completed my first 1/2 marathon and I have a second one in a month. 

I’m awarding the Versatile Blogger to a few of my favorite bloggers… be sure to visit them & you’ll love them too!

Princess Tiana Cake, Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Mischa, I made this doll cake for one of Karsyn's friends for her 3rd birthday gift and gave her the doll as her gift.Below is what the doll looks like in the movie "The Princess and the Frog"

Happy Birthday Krista

I made this cake as well as some poppy oreo cake pops (post to come soon) it was chocolate toffee cake with marshmellow fondant and modeling chocolate butterflies. The centers of the butterflies were painted with food coloring pens and the wings were painted with luster dust. I made the pearl boarder with a fondant pearl maker and I glued the butterflies on with royal icing. 

Wrist Pin Cushion

I made a wrist pincushion to go along with my other new pincushion. I found a great tutorial over at The Long Thread. This tutorial is great because you only need a scrap of fabric, a small amount of batting and velcro.

Felt Poppy Hair Barrette

I found this tutorial over at Wishing Elephant and whipped up a couple of felt poppies. I attached them to an alligator clip (found at Sally's Beauty Supply or most drug stores). They can then be clipped into hair or onto headbands like here.

Happy Birthday Jenny

I made a dozen chocolate cupcake with fondant flowers for a friends birthday party over the weekend. Happy birthday Jenny.

Color Flow Icing

I am taking an official cake decorating class at the decorette shop and had my first class last monday (I know I am a little late, but better late than never right) Our first class we talked about what we would be doing in class, gathered needed supplies for future classes and then made moulded sugar (awesome idea for baby showers/weddings/parties or for cake decorations)  fancy sugar cubes in fun shapes with candy molds. Then we practiced folding parchment paper into bags and did color flow work with royal icing.

Gumpaste Orchids

My last flower class was gumpaste orchids I got 2 made, they aren't as hard as they look but they are time consuming, painted with petal dust. 
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