Haloween 2011

I made these white chocolate dipped pretzel rods shaped like finger bones for the Halloween party too!!!

Mummy Cake Pops

My friend threw a Halloween party last night for a few friends, it was so much fun and since she is a super fan of Halloween she went all out! I contributed the food labels and the mummy cake pops. 
The pops were chocolate cake mixed with chocolate frosting and then dipped into white chocolate. I followed Bakerellas recipe and book. You can mix in Paramount Crystals to help thin the chocolate or a little bit of shortening so that the chocolate coats evenly and thinly.

Ruffle Cake

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and made a ruffle cake from a tutorial over at my sweet and saucy
I love the look of this cake, I just had to find the right time to use the technique and figured Karsyn's second birthday would be great.

Free Waterbottle Lable Download

I created these cute little labels for both my sisters shower and Karsyn's birthday party, they wrap around a standard small water bottle. I printed them out on my home printer and then taped them on (covering the whole label with clear packing tape) so the condensation did not let the ink run.
If you would like to download your these labels for your own personal use you can do so below. Please do not sell these!

Wooden Cake Stands

I saw these cute wooden cake stands over at Bee in Our Bonnet  and had to have them for karsyn's birthday party. They were really easy and pretty inexpensive to create.

DIY Minnie Shirt

I made this Shirt for Karsyn when we went to Disneyland, I found inexpensive T-shirts at Old Navy for $4 each and using my Silhouette cut out a Mickey Mouse shape out of Heat transfer material. After Ironing it on I placed 1/2 of a snap at the top of the head and the other 1/2 on the back side of the red and white polka dot bow I made so the bow could be snapped on and off when the shirt was washed.

Homemade Playdough

I followed this tutorial on homemade playdough, I choose this recipe because it had less salt than the other recipes (which tends to dry out the dough) and I had all the ingredients on hand so I could quickly whip it up.  Unlike the tutorial listed above I choose to make the dough uncolored then add the glitter and then break it up into equal size balls to color.

Cake Bunting

This cake bunting was really easy to make. I created the diamond shapes on word, adjusted the outline size and color, added the pattern and then added the letters (as you can see below you need to have them facing oppositely), Print them out on sticker paper to make your life easier and then you can easily hand cut out the shapes, As you can see above for an 7" cake you only need a few, so hopefully your child's name isn't too big.

Pinwheel Sandwiches

What would a Pinwheel party be without Pinwheel Sandwiches?
There are lots of recipes out there for Pinwheel sandwiches but I tried to make these kid friendly.

Felt Pinwheel Barrettes

I used this tutorial to create some cute little hair clips I used a technique I have done before to cover the Alligator Clips. I made light pink/dark pink, light green/green, and light blue/blue pinwheels.
You can also attach these to a broch pin to give to boys that attend the party if you want as well.

5 ingredient Pasta Salad

This salad was delicious, it wasn't too heavy, didn't contain mayonaise and was really quick to make.
Best of all it only contains 5 ingedients!

Yellow Rose Headband

I made this headband using the flowers I made for the door wreath I used at my sisters shower and attached them with hot glue to a plain elastic headband similar to what I did here.

Pinwheel Party

Here is some of the details from Karsyn's party this weekend. I will have more details and tutorials on some of the items in the days to come.

Congrats Crystal-sheets and snuggly owl

Karsyn and I went to visit her new cousin over the weekend and had a lot of fun

Pinwheel Invites

Over the weekend we had a birthday party for Karsyn (more pictures/details to come on that) it was a Pinwheel themed birthday with pink, teal and green colors. What kind of invitation did I send out??? Pinwheels of course. I made the invitations using a pinwheel shape on the Silhouette and expanded the shape to be about 4x6 (so it would fit in the envelope. Before I had the machine cut them out I used the sketch feature  and picked the portions of the Pinwheel that would be exposed to write the details onto the Pinwheel prior to cutting them out. It is hard to see in these pictures but the Pinwheel says "You're Invited to Karsyn's 2nd Birthday October 15th, 2pm and then our address on the last segment" I folded the "non-written on portions into the center and secured with a brad. Enclose a pencil and the recipient can attach the invite to the pencil!!

Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are the BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies ever!!!

Fluffy Bumblebee tutorial

Super easy, and cheap fluffy bumble bees!!
You need:
  • Large yellow pom pom ball
  • Black pipe cleaner-cut in half
  • white felt or interfacing

Crystals Painting

 My sister had her baby on 10/10 (Columbus day), which was the same day Karsyn was born on 2 years ago 10/12 (Columbus Day 2009).

Welcome to the world Wren Hazel Well! Isn't she cute?!!!

Happy Birthday Karsyn

Happy birthday to my baby- She is such a big girl, today she turns 2!!! I can't believe how time flys. For her birthday we took her for a private horse riding lesson and then baked cupcakes for after dinner. We just got back from a trip to LA to visit friends, family and go to Disneyland (more on this to come soon-having a bit of problems with the camera at the moment)

Karsyn wanted blue cupcakes so we made a standard white cake mix added bubblegum flavoring and blue food coloring to the batter. Frosted with Italian Meringue buttercream. The pinwheels are a hint as to what is to come this weekend at her birthday party!

Isn't she adorable!

Happy birthday peanut!

Fingerprint Tree Guest Book

This post goes along with the fingerprint guest book post I did a few weeks back, I was looking through my pictures and found more on the making of the actual tree. I choose an image of a tree I liked and adjusted the size on the Silhouette software then using adhesive vinyl cut it out and removed the tree part (you can use it for something else-ie wall art or window sticker) and created a stencil that was sticky on the back.
After placing the stencil on the canvas I bought at Michaels I painted on a brown acrylic paint with a foam brush and allowed it to dry, you will want to carefully remove the stencil before the paint dries all the way so that it doesn't peel off the paint you want to stay on your canvas.

Pin Cushion Jar

For my sewing basket I made a few different pin cushion jars (and a few for gifts)

Door Wreath

I made a cute yarn wreath for the front door for Crystals Baby shower. I used the tutorial over at Blogher and made some cute little roses with the tutorial over at Purl Bee but the roses on Blogher are adorable too or here as well. Then I used the Silhouette to make the Welcome sign behind it with a  honeycomb shape, bee shape and after getting it the way I wanted it drew a circle around the whole thing for it to be cut out (only the circle was cut of course)-if you want a tutorial of how I made the sign itself just let me know. I figure since I only tacked the sign onto the back and the roses onto the front I could easily snip the flowers off and change them out. Otherwise I found a cute little idea here where you can use snaps to apply different accessories to the wreath and easily change them out that way.

Sewing Tote

I was inspired to make a sewing basket (actually I made two of them because I fell in love with the brown and blue fabric below which matches my craft room after I made the red one above). Following a tutorial I found (see below for more info on that) you will construct the outside portion including pockets first and then make the inside liner and then put the two together. Each basket is lined with heavy interfacing to keep the sides and bottom stiff.

Bumblebee Favors

For the bee shower party I made little buckets filled with Bit O' Honey candy, small baby food jars filled with honey and cookies

Honeycomb Chocolate Covered Oreos

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