Ying Yang Bag

I saw a tutorial over at Design Sponge for a Ying Yang Bag that self closes when you pick it up and I fel in love! I decided to make one with what I had on hand which would be great for anything from beach trips to trips to the grocery store.

Carseat Cover and Strap Cover

After we found we were having a boy I decided the little yellow flowers on the first cover would confuse people (even though I liked it) so I made a second cover, grey chevrons, teal flannel underside with teal piping.

Car Seat Canopy Cover-Take One

Since I will be having the baby in the next few months my nesting instincts kicked in and I decided to make a few things that I wished I had the first time around. When I had my daughter I made something called a Go Blankie which worked great but it wasn't the easiest to take her in and out of the carseat so this time I wanted to make a carseat cover that would open differently and block peoples nosey faces and fingers from putting their hands in the carseat.

DIY Computer Case

For my birthday my husband got me a new computer...YEAH!!! so I decided to make a paded case for it to protect it when I am not using it and also when traveling to limit the size of the case and to protect it from the bumps and bangs of travel.

Reusable Snack Bags

Being from Oregon you are constantly surrounded by messages to recycle, conserve and save the earth. I have slowly started picking up different ways to do so in my day to day life as I can including increasing my recycling (which reduced my trash output thereby reducing my monthly bill...Hurray!), and I am even going to attempt cloth diapers with my second child (fingers crossed).

Boxy storage bag

 I used this tutorial because it had lots of pictures, a good tutorial and it had two tabs on each end which helps when pulling on the zipper. I am going to use this bag to store electronics cords and ipod/ipad accessories (especially when I travel). The finished dimensions of this bag are only about 9"x6"x4" so next time I may make it a bit bigger.

Owl Cake

I was asked to make an owl cake for a baby shower a while back. After looking up inspirations I decided on the design you see below. The owl is make of cake (rice krispies work too) covered in frosting and fondant, which also helps add to the slices of cake to feed people. 

Halloween Costume 2012

So for anyone waiting on baited breath to find out what Karsyn's halloween costume was (from this post) she was Snow white!

I Love Oregon Shirt Applique

I got some basic shirts at Costco and decided to spruce them up one of them I used a reverse applique technique and the other one I decided to just to a traditional applique technique.

Princess Sugar Cookies

These were the sugar cookies I made for the girls princess survival bags.

Princess Birthday-Happy 3rd Birthday to my princess

Sorry for the delay on this post, we have been swamped moving and packing up our house. We did manage to squeeze into all of that my daughters third birthday party last weekend. I found a great deal on a pampered princess salon party at a local salon in Wilsonville called L'Attrait it was great and the girls had so much fun.

Owl Cookies

These owl cookies were made for a baby shower a few weeks ago along with an owl cake (More to come on that). I didn't have an owl shaped cookie cutter and didn't want to buy one so I dug through my cookie cutters and came across a birthday present cookie cutter

Pumpkin Pops

I made these cute little pumpkin cake pops for my coworkers the other day. I didn't feel like making any frosting to pipe on leave and vines so I just used some chocolate candy covered sunflower seeds for the leaves.

White Pony Cake

I have been making cakes and cupcakes for the little girls down the street for a few years now. The middle child requested a white pony cake with a rainbow mane.

Halloween Decor

I made this cute little Halloween Decoration for our entry way table. I used 3 wooden letters from Michaels spray painted them green (in case the glitter wasn't solid the white wouldn't show through) I first put glitter on the sides of the lettes by painting glue on them and pouring glitter on. Once dried I then used spray adhesive and lightly sprayed the tops of the letters and put glitter on the letters. I then taped the letters to a piece of scrapbook paper cut out to the frame size (you can stiffen the paper with a piece of cardboard glued behind it..
Place your letter and paper inside the frame (do not use the glass for the frame)

I have done this craft in the past for Valentines Day and Christmas. I originally saw the idea over at Eighteen25 Blog  the best part is you can reuse the frame and letters and change things out.
Fourth of July-BOOM or USA
Valentines Day-LOVE  or I <3 U
Halloween-BOO or EEK
Christmas-JOY or NOEL
any other ideas out there?

Sewing Tutorials & Halloween Costume

 Can you guess what Karsyn is going to be for Halloween?

Nap Time Mat and Blanket

Since my daughter started daycare a few weeks ago I decided to make her a sleeping mat/bag so she didn't have to sleep on the disgusting cots they have and hopefully prevent some of the sicknesses from coming home with her.

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Today was Karsyn's official first day of Preschool so I made this little strawberry basket for her teacher that I saw over at Eighteen 25

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cake

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cake

Baby Shower Elephant Cookie Favors-Congrats Sally

The elephant cookies for Sally's baby shower were the simple favors we gave out. I used SugarBelles Sugar cookie recipe and I also used her royal icing recipe

Puppy Cake-Happy Birthday Mikaela

Our neighbors daughter turned 3 years old a few weeks ago and they asked if I could make a chocolate puppy cake (she loves dogs and carries a stuffed dog around with her all the time) for her pool party. No problem.

Elephant Baby Shower-Congrats Sally

My friend Sally just had her baby yesterday and since I have not been very diligent about posted on my blog lately I thought I should post the shower I co-ran with a few girls about 6 weeks ago. The theme we agreed on was elephants and baby blue and brown.
We had a brunch and since the mom to be is Vegetarian we served all vegetarian dishes.

Colorado Springs Cocktail and Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate

For the Fourth of July we decided to host a BBQ at our house and instead of everyone bringing bottled beer or lots of bottles of wine we decided to have 2 "signature" cocktails that people could have it created less waste and is much more economical. One of the drinks was a Strawberry Lemonade Bar I made strawberry lemonade concentrate and then people could mix it 50:50 with either water or sparkling water and if they wanted it spiked they could add vodka (vanilla vodka would be delicious too)!

Big Girl Room Decorating

Here are some more pictures of the completed "Big Girl" room we did for Karsyn. I love the chandelier and the frame over her bed. I got the frame at IKEA and spray painted it a fun bright plum purple color. The butterfly art piece I actually made when I was in High school and since I am part Russian I did the matryoshka dolls art and cut of different fun fabrics and used puff paint for the faces and buttons on the dress.

DIY Trundle Bed

Here is my daughters "Big Girl" bed, she LOVES it, and wants to go in there and pretend to take a nap a couple of times a day, bounce on the bed and generally play. It was a labor of love for sure.

Happy Birthday Friends

I had several friends with birthdays this week so I decided to make a batch of cupcakes and share them with everyone. I made cherry cupcakes with cherry almond buttercream.

Monkey Cake and Cookies-Happy birthday Kaden

A friends son was having his first birthday. The monkey theme was picked by his older sister so I made the cake of course as my gift and contribution to the party. It didn't turn out exactly how I hoped it would look, but I didn't have time to make fondant since I worked 7 night shifts in a row and was pretty tired so I just made some chocolate ganache (the tan is chocolate ganache with white chocolate added into it) hence the rougher look to the monkey, but it tasted much better than fondant that is for sure.

I also decided to make some monkey cookies. The royal icing was not cooperating completely with me but they turned out ok and tasted good.

To get the shape of the face I used food writer markers and cut a template out of regular copier paper (but wax or parchment paper works too). I traced around the face and free-handed where the ears should go. I first used the tan icing to do the ears and face, Added the eyes (black sprinkle beads) while it was wet as I went then went back with the brown and did that part and the nose and mouth.

This was the cake I was going for.*Found it on pinterest*

The number one was a cookie decorated with icing and the banana was rice krispie treats molded to look like a banana covered in fondant, of course all the kids wanted to eat it. My daughter wanted to eat the nose (which was straight black fondant---it quickly disappeared when the cake was cut)

To make the cake shape I baked a 17x24 inch cake, drew the shapes I wanted on copier paper, cut them  out and then just placed them on the cake and cut around them with a knife. I used the excess cake trimmings to mound up the belly and face before pouring some ganache over the top to hold the crumbs in. Once the ganache set up more I used an off-set spatula to spread the rest of the ganache on the cake. The hardest part was doing in between the fingers. 

My little helper made a few of her own cookies, she really wanted to use the piping bag, but it was a bit much for her to squeeze so I put some icing on her paper and she put it on with a spatula and her finger. 

Flowery Cake Pops

We are going to a BBQ this weekend, pot luck style. I love to bring the dessert of course and my friends love Cake pops, but since I have been busy working the night shift at work while a co-worker is out of town I used pre-frozen cake pops I have made a few weeks back from a left over carved cake.

This is a great "trick" for last minute desserts for summer BBQ's and to keep any left over cake from other projects from going to waste. After carving the cake I just mixed in a little bit of the buttercream frosting I was using to frost the cake and then shaped into balls. Place in air tight tupperware container with parchment inbetween each layer. Mine keep well in my large freezer for up to 3 months if needed.
When ready to use thaw in fridge for at least 4-8 hours then melt chocolate pieces in the microwave or double boiler until smooth.
Dip each lollipop stick into the chocolate then place in to the cake pop (repeat this step for all cake pops) then starting from the first cake pop (let the chocolate harden on the stick/pop) quickly dip each pop into the melted chocolate and tap off the excess. ***Don't make your pops to large or too "wet" with frosting mixed in or they won't stay on the stick when dipped.**** then Either place onto a piece of parchment paper to dry or use a piece of styrofoam if you want them to stand upright

I made the flowers out of fondant and dusted the centers with pink petal dust. Stick to the pops with a little melted left over chocolate.

Inspirational mirror

Sorry I have been gone for a while I have been busy with work, my daughter, vacations and spring cleaning. I have been inspired by my friend Brie (who is moving out of the country) and The Minimalist Mom to rid my house of excess stuff and simplify, which will be great in the long run but for now my house is a mess.

At the same time I have been transitioning my child to her new room and decorating it (many more posts on this to come) While decorating her room I fell in love with a mirror over at Pottery Barn but at $200 it was a bit out of price range I was willing to spend on a 2.5 year olds room.
 So I figured I would try to fancy up a plain mirror I got at Ikea the KOLJA mirror and cut out circles on my Silhouette Machine

Not exactly the same but good enough for an effect for now, I may add more shapes to the inside edge of the circles. You can see a few of the other items int he room in the pictures above. More on that to come.
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