72 hour Emergency Kit

Living on the West coast I don't worry much about natural disasters, we don't have a hurricane or tornado season and wild fires and Earthquakes are pretty infrequent, but with all of the earthquakes occurring around the world in Haiti, Bali, and especially Japan I decided I should make an emergency kit for my house, and after the Kim family from San Fran got lost in the woods in Oregon a few years ago I decided having one in our car was a good idea too.

I was going to gather up all of the materials to make my own for the car like they did here  but changed my mind when I thought of the work involved in gathering the supplies and getting them to fit in a small backpack. So I found one I liked on amazon and bought it, ebay and REI also have good ones at a variety of prices. I also added a small bottle of the water purifying tablets and a shovel.

For the house it wasn't as easy as just buying a back pack full of stuff and there are A LOT of suggestions as to what to put into your kit so I had to do some research and figure out what would work for our family.

Attached you can download a checklist of items that should be in your 72 hour home kit:
Download Here


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