Baby Shoes

I saw this tutorial on Silhouette America's Blog on making cloth baby shoes with the Silhouette Machine and had to try it. I have also made some shoes with patterns from Sweet Pea Patterns

I ironed no sew bond on the back of the fabric I wanted and then cut all of the pieces out with the Silhouette Machine. I attached the velcro pieces BEFORE I sewed the outside and inside curve pieces together so the stitching wouldn't show on the inside of the shoe

Strap pieces

Sew the strap pieces and then sew the decorative button on the outside of the strap

sew the inside and outside of the curved pieces together and sew to the base. If I were to make these again I would have sewed the completed horseshoe shape (inside and outside fabric) to only the outside fabric of the shoe and then ironed the inside fabric of the sole in afterwards so the seams wouldn't be visible when the shoe was off like the top picture.


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