Burp Cloths

I have used all different types of burb clothes when my daughter was a baby, she had a bit of reflux and was definitely the spit up queen. I have made burp cloths out of cloth diapers and out of fabric sewn together in cute shapes -long and skinny with fat ends like a dumbell, some out of flannel, channile, cotton, etc but the ones I made out of flour sacks were by far THE BEST.

I loved them because they were huge and you were covered when the waterfall of puke went down your back.

Cotton or flannel is a good choice for the center strip of fabric, also Chenille or a soft terry cloth

Measure the length of the flour sack and add one inch. Cut out your center block of fabric ( I think I made my width about 9inches)

Iron a 1/2 inch seam all the way around the center strip of fabric to fold the seam under.

Pin in place and topstich down all the way around.
You can also sew a ribbon down the edges of the fabric for extra cuteness if you want.

These make a great baby shower gift, you can roll them up to look like flowers or tie a bundle with a pretty ribbon and note.
If you want to try to make a different kind of burp cloth this is a great website with lots of free patterns and tutorials


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