Craft Room Organization

I have caught the cleaning and purging bug lately, my husband swears I am putting our lives up for sale on craigslist, but I am sick of the clutter so I have slowly been tackling one room and one closet at a time. Today it was my craft room and I am loving

Before...bins of wrapping accessories, fabric and party supplies

After, lots of extra space....hmmm what to put there???....Just kidding.

Before....file cabinet, wrapping paper, sewing machine case, and misc stuff on the shelf. I decided to get rid of the file cabinet, barely anything in there since we file all of the end of the year stuff in a tupperware in storage at the end of the year and I changed most of our bills and statements to the electronic versio.


and more room to boot!
Still a few things to tackle in the top part of the closet but much improved. I find myself coming in to the craft room just to look in my closet in shear amazement.

**A word of note, when I orginially measured for these I wanted them to go on the other side of the closet but I didn't measure correctly and they were too tall so measure twice before you get them home, built and then want to scream because they are too tall. Luckily they were the perfect size for the side they reside on now.


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