Crinkle Owl Baby Toy

I made a couple of crinkle toys for my neice and nephew for Christmas present this year and they turned out super cute. I was surprised to find out that the crinkly object inside was actually a.......

A baby wipes wrapper!!!
So clever, cheap, and Earth saving to boot!!.
I modified a pattern from the book Babyville Boutique baby Essential  and blew up the pattern using a copy machine to a bigger size I liked. I used a variety of colors, patterns and textures for baby learning. Before I cut out the backs of the owls I embroided their first name initial on the back of the owl.

I used lots of different ribbon colors, sizes and textures. Make sure your loops are too big!!
When Sewing all of the pieces on I used different fun sewing stitches including one that looks like a flower and one that looks like leaves to applique all the pieces on. To keep the pieces in the right spot while sewing I first used Heat and bond to tack them into place before sewing them down so they didn't shift.

Baby rings for the top and bottom.

Fold over elastic was used on the bottom of the owl for elastic pulls for the baby's to yank on.

I sewed the front and back together (right sides facing each other) left a 3-4 inch hole to turn it right side out (The hole is in the top side by the eyes so it wouldn't interfere with the ribbons and elastic pulls being sewn in) and then topstitched around the whole thing for a more professional finish.


robyn said...

So cute!! I am inspired to dust off the old sewing machine. Thanks !!!

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