DIY Toddler Bed Rail

Hard to believe my little peanut is getting so big. She has been reluctant to be in a big girl bed and frankly I didn't mind keeping her in a crib for as long as she would stay there (and not climb out and mame herself) she has always been a terrible sleeper, tossing and turning, taking forever to go down so with the crib came the knowledge that she was safe inside and wouldn't wander through the house.

The last month or so she has been much better at going to sleep so we tried a few weeks ago to remove the front of the!  She cried and asked for the rail to be put back on so I have been removing it during the day for her to get used to it and then re-attaching it at nap/bedtime. Yesterday we tried it at nap and it worked great! So we decided to keep things rolling and try it at bedtime. Worked great, I guess it is true what they say....all kids reach milestones at different times and are ready at different times for big changes. We decided to make a small rail for the bed because.....
1) the retail ones were $25 and she will probably not need it for very long and we had the materials sitting around from other projects
2) the ones you can purchase were the wrong size
3) The ready made ones were all white and ugly.

We designed it so that there is a piece of wood vertically up the side of the mattress and one that slips under the mattress about 1/3 of the way (this piece of wood is thinner than the one that is vertical to the mattress). We attached the two pieces of wood with metal L shaped brackets (see below)

Put tape on the brackets so they wouldn't rub on the mattress or poke a hole in it.
Keep your fingers crossed she still likes it tonight and we don't have to revert to the baby crib.


Anonymous said...

Did it work?

Liz H said...

Yes, It worked really well for her. I have seen people use pool noodles under the bottom sheet as a barrier to rolling off too, unsure if that works well or not. My child tosses and turns quite a bit and usually ends up with her head at the bottom of the bed by morning

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