More Tooth Pillows

After I posted the tooth pillows I had made a while back my friend asked if I would make her daughter one and I figured why not make an "assembly line" and make a few of them while I was at it.
I made 3 one for my friends daughter, one for my niece and one for my nephew.
There are so many cute ideas out there for the toothfairy visits, besides money you can leave
  • toothpaste, floss, and a fun toothbrush
  • a small toy or gift
  • coupons for an ice cream or outting
  • Make a treasure hunt and leave a note in the pillow with a map to their gift
  • Leave a gold coin or dollar coin instead of a dollar bill or leave the "rare" $2 bill.

I love the idea over at how does she?  where the toothfairy leaves glitter from her dress on the dresser or desk and colors the water.

I have also heard of people telling their child that the toothfairy pays more for really nice, clean teeth which may be an incentive for the child to brush really well.


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