Quiet Book--Seasonal Tree

I used the free template and pattern found over at Serving Pink Lemonade  to make this seasonal tree with all of the different leaves and flowers for spring, summer, fall and winter=none. They are all stored in the "grass at the base of the tree that is a pocket.

Fall leaves
Spring Flowers

Summer Leaves

A huge tip for all of those who have never sewn snaps on before...make sure you have the top and bottom part of the snap correct so they actually snap (there is only one side of each piece that snaps into the other side) and I had to snip off LOTS of these snaps and redo them because I had them sewn on upside down. Also make sure you sew the snaps on securely so any kiddos playing with the book don't pull off a snap and swallow it (this did NOT happen to me thankfully)


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